NOTE: Currently, the Weather Underground Animated Weather Radar Map is not functioning. We have reached out to Weather Underground and were told that they have identified an issue with their Weather Radar service. We have been informed that it is in a "queue to be fixed." They did not, however, give us a timeframe for when it will be resolved. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and we are unsure as to when they will resolve the issue. Again, sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Using DAKboard's "Photo URL" feature, you can add an animated weather map as a background, or alongside your other DAKboard content blocks. Follow along below to add an animated weather radar map to your DAKboard!

In your DAKboard account, select a custom screen to edit. 

Click the "Add a Block" button and choose "URL" under the Photos section:

Select the newly added block and click the "Edit" button. (Or double-click the block). 

Next, open a new tab or browser window and go to WeatherUnderground: Select your desired region from the dropdown, then click the "Play Animation" button.

Next, right-click on the map and choose "Copy Image Address" (wording may vary slightly):

Back in DAKboard, edit the photo block, and paste in this copied URL:

Click save changes, resize the block as needed, and view the map on your DAKboard!

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