Using DAKboard's "Photo URL" feature, you can add an animated weather map as a background, or along side your other DAKboard content blocks. Follow along below to add an animated weather radar map to your DAKboard!

  1. In the DAKboard options, under Custom Screen Settings, click the "Add a Block" dropdown and choose "Photos"
  2. Edit the new Photos block and choose "Photo URL" as the source
  3. Next, open a new tab or browser window and head over to WeatherUnderground:
  4. Select your desired country and region, then click the "Animate" button
  5. Below the map, you'll see an "Image Link" link. Right click on this and copy the link address.
  6. Back in the DAKboard options, in the photos block created in step 1, paste in this copied URL.
  7. Click save changes, and view the map on your DAKboard!