Using DAKboard's "Photo URL" feature, you can add an animated weather map as a background, or alongside your other DAKboard content blocks. Follow along below to add an animated weather radar map to your DAKboard!

In your DAKboard account, select a custom screen to edit. 

Click the "Add a Block" button and choose "URL" under the Photos section:

Select the newly added block and click the "Edit" button. (Or double-click the block). 

Next, open a new tab or browser window and go to WeatherUnderground: Select your desired region from the dropdown, then click the "Play Animation" button.

Next, right-click on the map and choose "Copy Image Address" (wording may vary slightly):

Back in DAKboard, edit the photo block, and paste in this copied URL:

Click save changes, resize the block as needed, and view the map on your DAKboard!

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