DAKboard supports embedded twitter content from a Twitter user or a publicly available list.  This can be added via a Twitter block on your custom screens.


Edit your desired screen, and add a Twitter block.


Linking a Twitter username is as easy as typing in the name into the link field, below we type in 'dakboard' as an example.  Resize the block to your desired size and we're done.


Twitter lists can come in one of two formats. Common name and ID:

Common Name Format- twitter.com/USERNAME/lists/example-twitter-list 

The Common named lists can be added to the Twitter link in your Twitter block the same exact way we add the username previously explained.  In the above example, it would be 'USERNAME/lists/example-twitter-list '

ID Format - twitter.com/lists/1362592438087475202

For lists formatted in an ID, we will need to identify the right URL by using Twitter's embed application.

Browse to https://publish.twitter.com and enter the ID URL into the embed field, copy the URL piece circled below that generates:

Having Trouble?

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