Your DAKboard hardware can be connected via a wired connection via Ethernet, or wirelessly to your Wifi Network.  Depending on your home or office configuration, select the connection that best suits your needs.

Connection Steps

    Determine your desired connection type (Wired/Wireless)

        Wired Connections:

  • For the DAKboard Wall Display, simply connect power and ethernet to the device.  For the CPU and DIY RPi DAKboard, connect HDMI, ethernet and then power to the device.  
  • The DAKboard will power on and connect to the ethernet network.  Once the DAKboard has successfully connected to the internet you will see the following screen letting you know you are ready to complete registration of your device.

    Wireless Connections:

  • A Video Tutorial has been created for setup on wireless connection.
  • Connect HDMI, then power your DAKboard CPU or DIY RPi DAKboard.  If you have the DAKboard Wall Display, simply connect power to the device.
  • The DAKboard will build its own temporary wifi network, and its name and password will be displayed on your screen like below.
  • Follow the onscreen steps to connect to the wifi network on your device (phone/tablet/computer).
  • You will know this setup is complete when the screen updates to the registration step shown below.

Replacing your Wireless Network?

If you are already configured, but replaced your wireless router and need to connect again, we have a solution 

article to help you through the procedure: 

        Move a Display/CPU to a new Wifi network

Next Step

    4. Getting Started - Registering your DAKboard

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