DAKboard can be displayed on multiple device types, the DAKboard CPU and Wall Display, build your own with solution articles here on a Raspberry Pi, or bring your own device (BYOD) such as a tablet or TV.  In this article we will discuss the steps necessary when selecting your hardware.  The hardware option you select will determine your next step in this guide to getting started.

DAKboard CPU or Wall Display

The DAKboard CPU and Wall Display can be purchased in our Shop and include all of the necessary hardware and accessories.

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Raspberry Pi with DAKboard OS Installed

We encourage users to build their own DAKboard with a Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi 3B and 4 are tested with our latest software.  You can buy a pre-loaded SD card from the Shop for install, or follow complete steps here to configuring your own.

    Download and Install the DAKboard OS for Raspberry Pi

    Next Step: 3. Getting Started - Connecting your DAKboard

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

DAKboard can operate on select tablets and other devices.  The following articles can help you in selecting a suitable device to use.

    Use DAKboard on a Smart TV

    Use DAKboard on an iPad

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