If you're not seeing the proper screen on your DAKboard Wall Display or CPU, there are a few things to check and confirm.

Assign the Desired Screen:

First, in your DAKboard account, under "Displays & Devices", make sure the proper screen is assigned to the device:

If the wrong screen is showing here, click the button in the Assigned Screen column and select the desired screen to show on the device.

If this is set correctly, continue on ...

Restart the Device:

If the proper screen has been assigned above, try restarting the device by unplugging the power and plugging it back in. When the device starts back up, it will refresh and begin showing the correct screen. 

Update the Private URL:

If the prior steps still have not resolved the issue, you may need to update the Private URL on your DAKboard device. We have instructions for doing so in the following article: 

Using the Display URL on DAKboard OS, Wall Display, or CPU

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