Feb 2022 UPDATE:  The line containing dataBreachEnabled?headers%5BContent-Type%5D=application%2Fjason can now be used to find the authorization token:

In this article, we'll walk you through finding your Life360 Authorization token for use in DAKboard. We recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browser for these next steps. 

First, login to your Life360 account https://www.life360.com/circles

Open the Developer Console in your Life360 account by pressing the F12 key (or Option-Cmd-i on Mac) and click on the Network tab:

Refresh the page by clicking the Refresh button in your browser, or by pressing F5.

Now, find an entry in the list that containing dataBreachEnabled?headers%5BContent-Type%5D=application%2Fjason for the authorization token:

Click on that entry, and make sure the "Headers" tab is selected. Then, scroll down to the "Request Headers" section, find the entry for "Authorization". Here you'll see a token made up of random letters and numbers. Highlight and copy your token:

Make sure to copy just the token part, and not the word "Bearer". 

Lastly, paste this token back into DAKboard, optionally give it a name, and save your changes:

You can then return to your custom screen, edit the Life360 block and select the desired account, circles and members to show on DAKboard. 

Having Trouble?

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