If you're unable to access the DAKboard settings over the network, you can use a USB keyboard/mouse to access the settings directly on the DAKboard device itself. Here's how:

Plug in a USB keyboard and mouse into the USB ports found on the device. 

On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+q (or Alt+F4 if the prior doesn't work). This will quit out of the DAKboard app. 

Use the mouse to click on the raspberry icon in the upper left. Then select Internet > Chromium Web Browser. You can also use the windows key, or ctrl or option key (depending on the keyboard) to bring up the menu.

In the address bar, type: localhost and then press enter. This will bring up the settings page. Use the mouse, or keyboard Tab key to navigate between the fields. 

When complete, click the "Save changes" button at the bottom to apply any changes.