There may be times when Google Photos appear to not be working and DAKboard is showing a black screen.  Below are the most common root causes and how to address this issue.

Shared Albums

Google does not allow access to shared albums, and Google does not allow access to photos added/uploaded by users other than the account owner

Make sure all photos you wish to display on DAKboard are added/uploaded by the account owner and the album is not a shared album. If you are looking to utilize the shared album functionality, we recommend using other services such as Flickr or Dropbox.  

Revoked Authorization

Google may have updated their settings requiring you to re-authorize your Google account on DAKboard.  You can visit the DAKboard App Authorizations Page and revoke and add the authorization again. To see how this is done, check out our article Reauthorizing External Apps.

Google Advanced Privacy Protection

If you have enrolled in Google Advanced Privacy Protection, it will disable DAKboard access to Google Photos.  For more information see Google's FAQ for Advanced Privacy Protection.

Having Trouble?

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