If your DAKboard is showing the setup instructions or the dakboard.com home page: (and not your DAKboard predefined or custom screen), follow these steps to fix.

On a computer/tablet etc., login to your DAKboard.com account and click on "My Displays"

Next to the name of your display, click on the Display URL to highlight it, then copy it to your clipboard:

Then, click on the name of the display to open the display settings

Note: your display needs to be powered on and connected to the same wifi network as your computer or phone

Scroll down and paste your copied URL into the "DAKboard Private URL" text field:

Click the "Save Changes" button and when done, the display should update (within 10-20 seconds at most) and begin displaying your screen.

Note: If the display doesn't automatically begin showing your screen, you may need to restart it by unplugging the power and plugging it back in.